Keloids – Symptoms, Causes, Treatment

Keloids are a sort of scar wherein it is extremely noticeable in the skin superficial of the individual. It has two categories: The early period which is sort 3, and the late period which is kind 1. It is a protruding extreme development of the skin where the injury or the wound took place. The arrival of the keloids is generally firm in the touch and they also feel rubbery when you pinch it gently.  They are sparkly depending on the skin of the individual and they also differ in color. Generally, you will view them in pinkish, red, flesh color and in a few cases, you may also view them in rich dark brown color.


In general, keloids are not cancerous. But they might tend to be extremely itchy and sore depending on the situation of the keloids. They might also develop in time that is why there are times when this sort of skin scar might interfere with the activity of the body.

Keloids are much similar with hypertrophic scars. But the two are very dissimilar from one another because the hypertrophic scars do not produce in time just like the keloids do.

This type of skin situation was recognized even during the early years. It was said that the very first individuals to define keloids are the Egyptian surgeons back in 1700 BC. In fact, the term keloids was derived from its older names such as:

  1. Chele
  2. Cancroide
  3. Cheloide

But did you recognize that keloids were really used by individuals in the early years as a form of decoration? Yes, they do. An Egyptian female scars herself deliberately to form a design on their faces to for a decorative keloids pattern.

Keloids are common to together male and female, but this sort of skin situation is said to affect female mostly and individuals who are highly pigmented such as the dark African Americans.



Keloids Symptoms:

Keloids are extremely easy to spot although at rare times it can also be puzzling. Since there is a happening of protruding skin, you will simply detect it. They are not just like your ordinary scar because once it’s there, it won’t repair itself anymore but it will growth in size. An ordinary scar does not hold the characteristics of keloids just like what is definite above. Normal scars are also flat in arrival while keloids are characterized by a dome formed lump. The most mutual keloids symptoms of this situation would be: needle injecting pain and itchiness that you can’t clarify. And finally, scars can be healed over time, while keloids will never decrease its size no matter how you put pressure on it.



The main keloids causes are based mostly on the scaring of the surface of the skin. When that occurs after the scar or wound happens, gradually the manufacture of collagen will growth as the injury is healing thus the development of the extra skin.

When your skin is hurt, instantly, the skin will start repairing and the fibroblast will start replicating in order to fill the wounded skin. If the 2 are not in sync, then you are likely to have keloids.

The appearance of keloids is not really understood clearly by doctors (why it happens to some, while the others don’t).

The most susceptible body area for having keloids would be the following:

  1. Face
  2. Earlobes
  3. Back
  4. Chest
  5. Shoulders

These are just the most joint areas to have that skin situation. But you might still get keloids in your other body areas.

Here are the most mutual causes of keloids due to numerous actions:

  1. After a surgery
  2. Accidental cutting of the skin
  3. Having chickenpox
  4. Piercing of the ear
  5. Having a caesarian section
  6. Having body tattoo
  7. Pimples

If you have had keloids before, you have to realize that there is no avoidance to it rather than being careful on not to scar your skin again. You really have to be careful because one pinch or one pimple can actually trigger this sort of skin situation that will last forever.




Luckily, there is numerous methods keloids treatment in these days. To recognize more about them, please read the list below:

  • Cortisone Injections – this sort of treatment for keloids are confirmed to be safe and effective. If your patience for soreness is very low, then this type of treatment is perfect for you because you won’t feel any kind of soreness at all. You will be visiting to the specialist at least once a month to have the dose until such period that the arrival of your keloids somehow reduces. However, you have to know that the outcome of this type of treatment can still leave a mark of the keloids that is dissimilar from the nearby skin.
  • Surgery – undergoing this type of treatment is very dangerous because once you have keloids; you will have a fifty percent chance of rising keloids after the surgery again. And worst – you will be developing a deeper and more severe kind of keloids if failed.
  • Laser treatment – this type of treatment might be effective if you want to flatten the scar and if you want to lessen the red pigment of the keloids. This is also one of the safest methods to eliminate keloids and it is not hurting as well. However, you might want to check you budget for this because it may charge a lot since you will have to undergo numerous treatments for it.
  • Silicone Sheets – you make use of a silicone gel band which you will wear on the area where the keloids are. However, the effectiveness of this type of treatment is not as high as the ones declared earlier.
  • Cryotherapy – this is a type of treatment for keloids where it freezes the scar with nitrogen.



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